Conventional Implants

Replace Those Missing Teeth and Ill-Fitting Dentures with a Natural Look

Are you missing teeth, have severely broken down teeth, or worried about your denture falling out of your mouth? If so, dental implants are the solution. At Paducah Dental Care, we offer our patients a variety of implants that are catered to their needs, lifestyle and the bone structure of your mouth.

  • Same Day Implants
  • Mini Implants
  • Conventional Implants
  • Implant Stabilized Dentures

Dental Implants have changed the way patients have to cope with the loss of teeth. A dental implant is the most effective and long-lasting way to replace missing or broken-down teeth. They look and feel natural giving you your confidence back.

  • Dental implants are a replacement for tooth roots and are made of titanium.
  • They are placed into the bone and allowed to heal while the implant fuses to the bone.
  • A crown is then placed on top of the implant and is secured.

The Good News...

One of the best things about dental implants is that they reduce the bone loss that occurs when a tooth is lost. When the implant fuses with the bone it prevents the bone from shrinking. Dental implants are highly successful and even more important, affordable.

The Procedure is usually very simple:
  • A small hole is drilled into the bone.
  • Titanium screw is inserted.
  • Implant is allowed to heal for several weeks, during which time the screw fuses with the bone.
  • Follow up visit where the doctor will examine the implant area and make sure the tissue and bone have healed properly. Impressions are taken for the crown.
  • In a second procedure, the artificial tooth is placed on top of the implant itself. There is no healing time for the second procedure.

Implant Stabilized Dentures

Many people who wear dentures start having problems with them becoming loose, painful, and slipping around. If you suffer from these uncomfortable symptoms Paducah Dental Care has the solution. Implant supported dentures are the modern way to stabilize dentures, and are truly changing lives of denture wearers.

  • Dentures will be more natural looking and will function like natural teeth.
  • You can enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables again with the improved ability to chew.
  • Improved facial appearance. Reduces bone loss which prevents that sagging appearance and wrinkles around the mouth.
  • You don't have to live in fear that your denture is going to fall out.
  • Improved ability to speak clearly.
  • You will be more relaxed and confident in social settings.
  • No longer need messy adhesives.
Procedure is simple...
  • A small hole is drilled into the jaw bone.
  • Titanium post are then inserted which act like the tooth root.
  • The denture then snaps onto the implants providing a secure fit.

If you are looking for a better quality of life, there is not a better substitute than a quality pair of dentures stabilized with implants. Dr. Walden and Dr. Mangino's main goal is to provide you with quality dentures that are comfortable and stable in your mouth. We want you to have confidence and quality of life.

If you have missing teeth, broken teeth or your dentures are slipping call today to schedule your implant consultation 270-444-6414, and don?t forget, if you have a fear of the dentist we offer sedation.