Tooth Colored Fillings

Our world is constantly changing with new innovations and materials resulting in better products for the consumer. Dentistry is no different than other industries. This is why at Paducah Dental Care our doctors, William Walden and Matthew Mangino, are continuously furthering their education and skills to provide their patients the up most quality of care. Drs. Walden and Mangino pride themselves in offering the safest and most modern dental materials available such as composite restorations.

Composite restorations also known as tooth colored fillings are custom made to the exact color and contour of your natural teeth. White fillings are made of composite resin and serve to fill decayed or broken teeth similar to the old silver amalgam fillings. Drs. Walden and Mangino offer resin fillings to provide a safe alternative to leaking silver fillings which contain mercury. Composite resin is actually bonded to the tooth. The bond created by the resin material provides internal support, unlike unsightly metal restorations which tend to drive a metal wedge between the tooth contributing to cracks and fractures. Drs. Walden and Dr. Mangino will use composite restorations to restore your tooth?s original function while looking more natural and less noticeable. Tooth colored fillings are just another example of modern dentistry we provide at Paducah Dental Care.

Drs. Walden and Mangino can also use composite restorations for dental bonding. Bonding may be used to cosmetically change the shape of the tooth or close unwanted space between teeth. Composite material adheres to the tooth by using a bonding agent, allowing the restoration to be placed with little or no natural tooth structure removed. In the past, removing tooth structure was necessary to create retention for the metal fillings. Now Dr. Walden and Dr. Mangino use composite restorations to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. If you are tired of looking at cracked gray fillings, would like to correct spacing between teeth, or have concerns that your fillings may be leaking, give us call. Our team of dental professionals led by Drs. Walden and Mangino will answer your questions and provide you with exceptional dental care!