Do you experience fear, anxiety, or high stress just thinking about going to the dentist? You are not alone! Sedation Dentistry may be the solution for you as it has been for thousands of our patients over the years! By utilizing Oral Conscious Sedation or IV Sedation your dental treatment can be comfortable. Sedation also saves our patients time by allowing us to do a lot of dental work in just one visit. The best part for you is that Paducah Dental Care offers FREE ORAL SEDATION with any treatment plan.

Oral Sedation

Our dentists will prescribe a pill to take one hour before your scheduled appointment. You must have someone drive you to our office. When you arrive at our office you will be awake but feeling very relaxed. Throughout your dental appointment our staff will monitor your vital signs. When your treatment is completed, a friend or relative will need to drive you home. Do not operate a motor vehicle for 24 hours after being sedation. We do recommend that you take the day off and relax, making no major decisions. When you are fully awake you will probably remember very little about your dental treatment. Oral Sedation is easy and works well for most patients.

IV Sedation

You should not eat or drink anything eight hours before your appointment. IV Sedation medication is given through a very small needle inserted into a vein in your hand or arm. This form of sedation takes effect very quickly. As with oral sedation your vital signs will be monitored throughout your appointment. The main advantage of IV sedation is that your dentist can control the amount of medication given allowing for your sedation to be increased or decreased quickly and comfortably if necessary. You will be very relaxed during your appointment and will remember very little about the procedure. Most patients become alert once the medication is stopped, however someone must drive you home. You should not operate a motor vehicle for 24 hours after after being sedated..

Sedation is safe for most patients. We will ask you several questions regarding your health history and current supplements and medications you're currently taking. We will check and make sure sedation will not interact with your medications and if necessary we will consult with your physician regarding health concerns. Your safety is our number one priority.

Isn't it great to know you can relax in the dentist chair? If you are interested in Sedation please give us a call at 270-444-6414. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.